EDGE Challenges is an opportunity to combine workforce development with your marketing strategy. The educational experiences gained appeal to the newer, tech-saavy generations, looking for unique cultures and developmental opportunities. In only two days, on your premises, your leaders will increase their value and align to your strategy. The learning objectives of the Challenges are tailored to support your business needs. As a value-add, we’ll showcase your company in a company versus company tournament. A marketing campaign is executed to attract an in-house and virtual audience to see your emerging leaders in action, as well as hear about your great opportunities.

Step #1

Select a team of emerging leaders to participate. This can be a leader and their team or a group of actual or potential leaders in your organization.


Step #2

Schedule two days of workshops, on your premises, within a six-week timeframe to help align your team and increase their overall performance.


Step #3

Compete in the one-day tournament against other corporate teams. Showcase your team’s talents to potential customers or new hires.

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