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Lack of ROI in Leadership Development and a Challenged View of Ethics

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I'm providing this article because it has two valuable points. First, it covers the return on investment, ROI (or lack thereof) in leadership development. The other covers [...]

Forbes article: culture v. competency in Hiring? Which one is preferred?

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This article is about hiring. Should you care? Is hiring a priority for a leader? Yes. Absolutely it is. In a sense, hiring is the dietary process [...]

Jeff Bezos’ ‘Two Pizza Rule’ Is His Secret to Successful Meetings

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I thought this was an interesting read for the simple fact that it is a great example of controlling your environment. Why is that important? Because Mr. [...]

The power of mindsets: Lee’s political motives in 1863

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Mindsets is always a fascinating topic. I think the subject is critical for leaders as your beliefs, your values, your preferences of doing things one way versus [...]