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A great read from Task & Purpose. 15 Leadership Lessons from General Mattis

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I really enjoyed this article on leadership. If you are an emerging leader, I think you can gain a lot in reading it. Many of the lessons [...]

EDGE Challenges is supporting Arizona’s HR GAMES!

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I'm very excited to announce that EDGE Challenges is teaming up with Arizona SHRM to launch a new, ambitious AZ HR Games this November. This is unlike [...]

Review: YouTube Video, “General Marshall and His Generals.” How did he select general officers?

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Synopsis of video, "Marshall and His Generals." As a General Officer, George C. Marshall was: • Cold, with ruthless efficiency in professional setting. • Very kind to [...]

The Remedy for the Uncertainty and Friction in Daily Operations? Clausewitz #7: Leadership and the “Strike of the Eye”

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Welcome back to EDGE Challenges Military History for Leaders video blog! This series is dedicated to Karl von Clausewitz, the West's most famous (and least read) philosopher [...]


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